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I am sunsetting

After many years, now is the time to look to sunset as it no longer can receive the care and attention required.

Reviewed: Defending Jacob

Based on a 2012 book by the same name, this is one of the most popular TV Series streaming on Apple TV+.

How to use GitHub's Special Profile Repository

GitHub has a special repository for every single user and organisation, that when used set up puts a README on your profile.

Can you really ban TikTok in the US?

With the us government threatening to ban the immensely popular video app, how difficult is it to actually do?

Hiding Home Screens on iOS 14 Helped Reduce My Anxiety

One of my favourite features to get announced with iOS 14 was the ability to hide individual home screens.

Hitting 100% in Lighthouse Accessibility Tests

Sometimes, hitting that final few percentage can be tricky, here's the tools I used to hit 100%.

LinkedIn Adds Option to Record Pronunciation of Names

This is a huge step forward for people with names that are regularly mispronounced.

The First 1,000 Miles in my Audi Q5

One month on and after 1,000 miles, how does it compare to my previous Audi TTS?

I should be in Dublin

Well, one of the 30 Things at Thirty I'd planned has been cancelled already. The first of many no doubt...