Giving away 470ml of blood in 7 minutes!

Giving away 470ml of blood in 7 minutes!

Donating was a great experience!

After a lengthy questionnaire, asnwering proving questions of varying levels I had my veins checked to see which arm was best to donate from. To the surprise of the nurse, both arms had ideal veins for donation, so I chose my non-dominant arm (left).

Next was the test of blood iron levels - pretty straightforward prick in the finger and a drop of blood extracted. Might have mildly shocked the nurse when the blood started pouring out my finger when it was pricked.

Finally, after everything was okay, I was hooked up to the extraction system (needle and bag swinger), and 7 minutes later, my bag was full and it was time for snacks and drinks before exiting.

Go donate if you can…

I know from the questionnaire that not everyone will have a lifestyle, or history that allows them to donate, or may suffer from fear of blood or needles.

If you’ve considered it before, but not been sure, I highly recommend you go donate if you are able. It’s painless, easy, and in some ways fun - the nurses are good fun to chat with!