I am sunsetting codular.com

I am sunsetting codular.com


Back in 2012, I started a site called Codular. It was originally purposed as a tool for me to place information that I frequently needed as a reference. Over time I realised other people on the internet were keen to understand and learn from clear, and concise, articles. The site grew in popularity, was featured on a few other sites and widely shared amongst people on Twitter, Stack Overflow, Reddit, Facebook and many other forums and educational networks.

But Why?

Well, time.

I’ve not had the time recently (or motivation) to keep writing articles in a way that can lend itself to continue education and teaching new developers.

Additionally, I have found myself taking more of a step back from active development to a more hands-off role, and as such my experiences don’t lend themselves well to a website dedicated to development educational articles.

I have migrated some of the key articles over to this site that many people loved, and that trended highly in search results or had regular and frequent traffic as per Google Analytics. If you’re reading this, and missing one of those articles, please feel free to reach out to me on Twitter and I’ll migrate it over to here for you.


Finally, thanks to all of the people that have read, shared, learnt from, used or just shared feedback on any of the articles that I wrote, it means a lot.