Buying the Perfect Domain

Buying the Perfect Domain


For years, I’ve been jumping between domains to use, I used to have a personal .me domain that I used for my own site. I also (used to) write a lot on Codular. But I never had a proper personal identity online.

Enter my new domain - - enabling so many posibilities from a personalisation perspective. I don’t think the “perfect” domain exists, but I think this is probably as close as I’ll be able to get for my needs.

Just need to make sure I remember to renew it regularly, as I don’t want it picked up by the same domain purchasers that I just bought it off.

What is this?

I’m not one that wants to really stick to a strict regiment of blogging, or writing lots of regular arcticles, but it’s good to have somewhere to write a bit more long form instead of sticking it all in multiple threads like I tend to on Twitter.

There’ll be updates as time goes on, adding new sections and what not, but mostly just a place for me to post nonsense and have a bit of presence on the little corner of the internet that contains my thoughts and learnings. As well as acting as a reference point for my own information as well.

Oh, and if you’re one of those people that loves an RSS feed, then feel free to register with the RSS Feed for the site.

What are you using?

Well, in the past I’ve tried things from custom built solutions, hosted solutions all the way through to WordPress. But I’ve decided to make use of GitHub Pages. It does have limitations in place, which may result in me switching away, but for now it serves as an easy option.

Additionally, it takes Markdown files, and if I ever go towards my ideal of using an iPad as a main work device - instead of my MacBook Air - then it’ll be easier/great to use.

Also, because I’m no designer, I decided to stick to a custom made theme that I’ve slightly modified to suit my needs, and hit some of the accessibility requirements of the modern day internet.

Anyway, on with the writing…